Why You Should Prefer Sod Installation

There are many advantages to installing sod instead of going to the traditional route, which is to plant grass seeds and watch them grow. Sod is like that’s grass pre-packaged for rolling onto your lawn. But is that really the best choice for you?

Sod Tampa

If you want to know of the advantages of sod installation, read through the list below. These are the things you’re going to enjoy if you decide to install sod on your lawn. Hire the experts in installing sod Tampa to reap these benefits:

1. You’ll see instant results.

If you choose to install sod, you’ll see instant results. It’s like immediate gratification for your lawn, as you’ll exactly how it looks like. Even if your lawn isn’t ready for traffic after laying the sod, it definitely looks finished.

2. You’ll get quick, long-lasting results.

When the sod installation process is installed and handled properly, it won’t take long for the new sod to gain its roots. It will just take two to three weeks to get the roots established. That’s the whole length of time that you have to wait to make your lawn ready.

3. You’ll have better erosion control.

Sod is more like a blanket that holds soil in place. It is perfect for sloped areas and places where there’s a problem with erosion. Installing will make the soil richer and a lot less prone to erosion in due time.

4. You’ll enjoy more flexibility in planting.

The best thing about sod is that it can be installed at just about any time during the growing seasons. Unless it gets really hot, you can install at just about any other day, including winter. The best time to install sod is during spring and fall when the peak growth of grass is observed.

5. There will be limited weeds.

If you purchase high-quality and state-certified sod, then you can be sure that it has little or no weed in it. You don’t have to worry about the weeds eating up your grasses as you plant them over your lawn.

6. You’ll get faster traffic turnaround.

After the sod has been installed, it’s true that you won’t be able to use the lawn as you intend it just yet. You’ll have to wait for a few weeks for the roots of the sod to get established. Even so, waiting for the sod to be ready for traffic is still much faster than waiting for grass seeds to sprout and thrive.

Why Sod Installation is For You

These are the things that you’ll enjoy if you decide to install sod instead of planting grass seeds in your garden. There will be less maintenance and up-keeping required, which works to your advantage if you have a strict time frame to follow.

However, sod installation is not without its share of disadvantages. What you should do is to weigh all the pros of and cons of installing sod before making that crucial decision. The best choice for you is always the one that would work for you best. If you need help in deciding, simply consult with lawn care professionals to get proper guidance.

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